Modus Intern, Inc. is a Canadian based IT consulting company that provides remote computer science and engineering interns to US based technology and software companies in need of junior software talents for short-term 4, 8, or 12 month projects.

Modus Intern, Inc. engages with U.S. based technology and software companies to provide meaningful employment to such students typically by being junior members of software development teams. The students work on campus in a fully furnished office with onsite technical supervision.

HowIt Works

Modus Intern communicates directly with US technology companies seeking to hire computer science and engineering interns to fulfill their remote software development needs.

Through the McMaster University co-op program, Modus Intern facilitates the process of matching students to their desired roles at these companies.

Although Modus Intern is the registered employer, students establish their daily work routines directly with the US companies.

Students are remunerated through Modus Intern’s payroll and have an option of working out of our office at McMaster University where technical supervision is available.


Modus Intern is a registered employer with the McMaster University co-op program and the interns we place are typically computer science and engineering undergraduate and graduate students. McMaster University is a fully accredited Canadian university located in Hamilton, Ontario about 40 miles southwest of Toronto. Times Higher Education rank McMaster University the 4th best university in Canada and the 69th best university in the world out of 1,500+ international universities in their latest 2021 World University Ranking report.

Modus Intern is partnered with the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), a non-profit organization providing evidence-based policy advice, forward-looking research, and creative capacity building programs for the digital economy.

ICTC’s WIL Digital program provides financial assistance to businesses hiring post-secondary students and is funded by the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP).


It seems that Modus Intern only offers one hourly rate to the Students. Can I pay my intern student more?

Modus Intern only offers a single hourly market wage to avoid pay discrimination and to make invoicing simple to our clients. However, your company can still top up your student’s wage with cash bonuses and perks that we offer along the way as packages. For example, there will be opportunities to provide optional performance bonuses, Christmas bonuses, gift cards and even meal deliveries.

What Happens to my Security Deposit?

If your company completes the employment term (i.e. 4, 8 or 12 months that you committed to), the Security Deposit will be refunded back to your company. If your company cannot complete the employment term that it committed to, the Security Deposit will be forfeited. However, this does not apply if the student resigns.

Do you invoice monthly and is it Net 30?

Yes, we invoice monthly but we do not finance the students' payroll. This means you will be invoiced in the prior month and your company is expected to pay by the first day of the active month. We accept payment by ACH or US domestic wire transfer.

At what point am I committed to pay for this service?

Once the student accepts the job offer, your company must then provide the first month’s salary and security deposit within 10 business days or before the student starts work, whichever comes first.

How is vacation pay and statutory holiday pay handled?

The monthly fee charged to your company includes vacation pay and statutory holiday pay benefits for the student. If the student doesn’t take all their 10 vacation days per year, they will receive unused vacation pay premium as compensation. In comparison, the students are required to take statutory holidays off and will be paid on those days by Modus Intern.

What kind of supervision does Modus Intern provide?

Modus Intern has an experienced Software Project Manager that can provide guidance and assistance to the students. Your company is encouraged to maintain regular contact with our software project manager so that we can provide the best support to your student to ensure a productive engagement. Modus Intern will also provide on-site supervision to assure consistent computer and internet uptime as well as any HR or office management needs that may arise.